Natural herbal home treatment for cat urinary tract problems

Tinkle Tonic for pets

A lady’s cat had diarrhoea and bladder problems that hadn’t responded well to conventional veterinary medicine. She tried Tinkle Tonic (a cute name when you think about it): Tinkle Tonic is a great product. It has herbs to sooth the … please continue reading

Feline Constipation: A Potentially Serious Medical Condition

Feline constipation is a fairly common condition that many cat owners may encounter over the course of their kitty’s lifetime. Since healthy cats normally will pass one healthy bowel movement a day; if your cat is only defecating every few … please continue reading

Lion cub fed a mixture of yogurt and bread to keep him small

This is the story of Magnus, a lion cub. He was an abused lion cub. There are many. Lions are bred for commercial purposes such a photo-shoots and canned hunting. Magnus was born in captivity. Soon after he was born … please continue reading

Ibuprofen (Advil®, Motrin®) is the most common human medication ingested by pets

Human pills hurting cats

Ibuprofen (Advil®, Motrin®) is the most common human medication ingested by pets in the USA. There are probably two main reasons: It is one of the most common human pain killers. There are a lot of pills lying around and… … please continue reading

World’s only animal shelter located in the grounds of a prison

Animal shelter inside a prison

It is called a “correct(ional) approach to animal sheltering”. I like that. This is an animal shelter within the medium security Dixon Correctional Institute, run by a prison warden and staffed by some of the prisoners. It has been running … please continue reading