Billboard Advertises 22,500 Dollar Reward To Find Killer of Cats

On a huge billboard on top of a building in Yonkers, NY, an advertisement proclaims: REWARD UP TO $22,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person/s responsible for killing cats near Overlook Terrace in Yonkers. Contact the SPCA … please continue reading

A Feline Savvy Veterinarian who Knows How to Handle a Cat Appropriately is Hard to Find

Finding a veterinary practice that is feline savvy and handles cats with patience and compassion can be difficult to say the least. I feel extremely lucky to have found Dr. Erin Holder, a holistic practitioner who obviously loves her patients, … please continue reading

Paw Project-Utah and PoC Helping a Declawed Cat

Introduction: this is a repost of a Paw Project-Utah newsletter. The objective is to spread the word about Paw Project-Utah and the excellent work they do while also providing updating information about Mollie a declawed cat and general information on caring for … please continue reading