Is the Domestic Cat Becoming Less Popular in Australia and the UK?

I recently wrote a short article about a survey which concluded that the domestic cat population in Australia was declining except in Tasmania. Not soon after I read that article I bumped into another article written by the science correspondent … please continue reading

The Ethical Differences between Declawing a Cat and Sterilising a Cat

The ethics of spaying and declawing

I often read comments by people who don’t like cats (or cat lovers) which confidently state that there is no difference from an ethical standpoint between declawing a cat and sterilising a cat. They boldly question why we don’t criticise … please continue reading

Interested in the critters living in cats’ intestinal tract? Kittybiome may soon give us some answers

Cat messing around on toilet

Have you ever wondered what’s “lurking” in your cat’s gut? While the feline intestinal system may not be an exciting or a sexy topic that cat guardians want to brag about, personally I think our cats’ microscopic mysterious inner-world is … please continue reading