Poor diet causing major health problems for big cats in private UAE zoos

Wealthy individuals living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who collect exotic, large, wild cat species are often feeding their illegally acquired trophy cats such as cheetahs and lions a wholly inadequate diet of chicken meat and nothing else leading … please continue reading

‘Cat petting lounge’ improves shelter cat adoption and the lives of the cats

This is a nice idea, It improves shelter cat adoption rates and the lives of the shelter cats awaiting adoption. It probably also improves the business that this ‘cat petting lounge’ is attached to (the business recently expanded). It’s a triple … please continue reading

Why aren’t cat owners responsible for all the wild birds their pets kill?

If cat-lovers really care about animals they should face up to what their pets do (Telegraph Journalist) Well, why aren’t cat owners responsible for the birds that their cats kill? These are my reasons but visitors may have better reasons. … please continue reading