Australia Still Searching for Ways to Deal with their Feral Cats

For several years, in full public view on the Internet, the Australian authorities have been searching for ways to bring the feral cat on their continent under their control. They want to eradicate the feral cat and have put forward … please continue reading

One Thousand Lions Shot For Pleasure Annually in South Africa


South Africa is not sufficiently interested in animal welfare. The country’s authorities and the businesses in that country are simply more interested in making money out of the wild species which happen to inhabit the country and this, of course, … please continue reading

680 complaints filed before upcoming Veterinary Board “conference” to discuss Kristen Lindsey case

By Jean Salyer with introduction by Michael Broad Introduction Jean Salyer, of Tiger’s Justice Team, has filled complaints to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (“the Board”) and is ‘in the loop’ with what is going on. Having received … please continue reading