Difference in Attitude The Reason Why Americans Keep Their Cats Inside

Summary: The reason why Americans like to keep their cats inside is mainly because of a difference in approach (attitude) to cat caretaking (cat ownership) and nothing to do with hazards etc.. Why is there such a difference of opinion … please continue reading

Heaven is real: Which pet do you hope to spend eternity with?

I believe heaven is for real, and our precious pets go there when they die. There, they wait for us, and may occasionally pay a pop-in visit back in our world. Just to be sure we’re doing well without them. … please continue reading

Will Women Veterinarians Stop the Declawing of Cats In the USA?

Traditionally, women are the nurturers and men are the hunters. It seems that those roles are cast in concrete. These roles go back to the beginning of homo sapiens. The roles are alive and well today. Perhaps men are deliberately … please continue reading

China-Eating Wildlife-Tightening Up and Enforcement of Existing Law

There has been some unclear reporting on a tightening up of existing legislation in China. Despite the existence of the 1998 (1997?) Law On the Protection of Wildlife in China, there has been widespread eating of the body parts of … please continue reading

The Human Species Is Destroying Planet Earth

Deviating slightly from the subject of cats, although this does affect cats too of course. Two quotes on another article inspired me to write this one. Michael wrote: ‘My personal and rather strange opinion on this matter is that humans … please continue reading