Facebook single-handedly increases shelter adoptions thereby saving the lives of cats

I am going to make the bold statement that Facebook and other online social media websites are making a substantial impact on the number of cats adopted from rescue centers and shelters throughout the United States. I wonder if things … please continue reading

Right wing website “Conservative Reason” supported Kristen Lindsey the cat killing vet

It was a website called Conservative Reason who started the GoFundMe fund raising campaign with the intention of raising money for Kristen Lindsey the now notorious cat-killing vet. As it happens the campaign was deleted by the GoFundMe website as … please continue reading

Stubborn feline herpes infection? Add Lactoferrin in addition to Lysine

Lactoferrin is another one of the alternative treatments for a chronic herpes virus infection which can be combined with L-lysine. L-lysine is fairly well known as a supplement to give to cats to help them overcome or control a chronic … please continue reading