Domestic cat is not enjoying 21st century living

The domestic cat is not enjoying modern life. They are too stressed being forced to live close together. The stress makes them ill with cystitis and dermatitis which are on the increase. Unlike dogs, the cat is still halfway between … please continue reading

Cat owners should not expect the same level of love and affection they receive from dogs

The words in the title are those of Dr John Bradshaw, a high profile cat behaviourist and author in the UK. You’ll also see him on TV. He also says that cat owners make the mistake of believing that cats … please continue reading

Cat Middening

Cat middening is territorial marking behavior just like spraying urine horizontally onto objects such fence posts etc. (see above). Obviously the cat is defecating when middening so that that function is being served but the primary function is to mark … please continue reading

UK: Taste Shifts From Cats To Dogs

For the first time in 21 years, dogs overtook cats as the UK’s favourite companion animal and I blame Paris Hilton! According to the latest Pet Population Survey carried out by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) there are 9 … please continue reading