Alleged: cat castrated without anesthetic in class by students at school

There was outrage last week when it was reported an animal had been castrated at a Georgia high school. I became interested in this case because Toccoa, located in Stephens County, is only one county over from where my maternal … please continue reading

How do cats with Feline Panleukopenia get into cat rescue facilities?

When a cat in a rescue center falls ill with feline panleukopenia it is a catastrophe for the other cats in the same facility because they might have come into contact with the cat who is very ill and because … please continue reading

Florida: City commissioners working with volunteers on TNR

Counties and cities in the USA are gradually working out ways to control cat populations with the objective of humanely reducing numbers of stray and unwanted cats. Marion County, Florida has confinement laws, for example. In Deltona, Volusia County, Florida, … please continue reading