Can a cat rescue organization be a genuine shelter if they declaw cats?

The words “declaw” and “rescue” or “shelter” don’t go together. A Michigan rescue organization, Wags and Whiskers, advertised seven kittens for adoption on Petfinder as follows: “We just got 7 new babies back from foster homes. They are a variety … please continue reading

Cat owners should get rid of house dust regularly

Research indicates that house dust contains flame retardant chemicals (from sofas and chairs), arsenic, lead and DDT. I suspect that, through usage, flame retardant chemicals are ejected from furniture over time. Although DDT was banned in America in 1972, it … please continue reading

Two women who enjoy killing animals with a bow and arrow

Lady Huntresses

This is the story of two women who enjoy killing animals with a bow and arrow. It’s a difficult one to write, because it’s difficult to get into the head of, and understand, someone who enjoys killing animals for recreation. … please continue reading