Lykoi Cat: the “Wolf Cat”

Is the new cat breed, the Lykoi Cat bizarre or beautiful? Just when I thought that there couldn’t be any new cat breeds making the scene to tickle my fancy, I nearly fell off my chair when I discovered that … please continue reading

Poor TNR (trap-neuter-return) is worse than no TNR

So, poor TNR is worse than no TNR. Right? Put it another way – as a Catster writer effectively did – euthanasia of stray and feral cats is better than feeding them and people who feed stray and feral cats … please continue reading

How to Select a Proper Maine Coon Cat

This is about selecting a proper Maine Coon cat. I have picked out five major Maine Coon appearance characteristics which should distinguish a genuine, pedigree Maine Coon from a Maine Coon mix, of which there are many on the market. … please continue reading

How many cats are killed by coyotes?

How many domestic cats are killed by coyotes each year in the USA? We don’t have a number, is the answer, but interested parties such as bird conservationists use coyote attacks on cats to their advantage in strongly recommending that … please continue reading