Should a mentally ill person be allowed to keep a cat?

Should a mentally ill person be allowed to keep a cat? I don’t think that this question has been asked before. I think it is a reasonable question. But please don’t misunderstand me. A cat companion to a person who … please continue reading

Declawing surgery: cats bounce off the walls because of excruciating pain

Just got this from Jennifer Conrad in an email. She quotes Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Professor of Behavioral Pharmacology and Director of the Behavior Clinic at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and internationally known specialist in domestic animal behavioral research, … please continue reading

Jackson Galaxy defends cat who terrorized family

The story of Lux, the Portland, Oregon cat who held his family hostage, has gone viral since the March 9 incident. Michael covered the story suggesting that the cat could have been provoked and was acting defensively. Michael also suggested … please continue reading

Ancient Egyptian cats were nearly all very large mackerel tabbies?

A few hundred mummified Egyptian cats exist in museums and analysis of some of the remains reveals that they are mackerel tabby cats like the North African wildcat. I suppose that result might be expected. However, these mummified remains were … please continue reading