Homemade Cat Litter Tray for Pakistanis Living in Pakistan

“IGNORANCE is actually DARKNESS.” (Mohemmud S.A.W.) Intro: There is a need for a greater use of cat litter trays in Pakistan to avoid house cats defecating outside to the annoyance of neighbors. Ahsan ul Haq living in Pakistan describes how … please continue reading

Curing Your Allergy to Cats (new injection)

Curing an allergic reaction to the domestic cat is the holy grail of commercial enterprise in the world of pets.  If a business can figure out a way to prevent people from being allergic to cats, who would otherwise be … please continue reading

Black Beauty: Story of a Pakistani Feral Cat

Introduction by Michael: This a story by Ahsan in Pakistan. Ahsan is a feral cat caretaker who has, through first hand experience, acquired a lot of knowledge and skills in the caring of feral cats in Pakistan. Feral cats are … please continue reading