Why kittens are born with claws and why cats need them

Here are two posters by Ruth (aka Kattaddorra) who has been fighting the good fight against the declawing of cats for many years. She is a co-founder of the ‘International Coalition Against Declawing’. Declawing only occurs in the USA and … please continue reading

Anti-declawing documentary is available for free to the public until September 22 – see it here

This documentary is about one veterinarian (Jennifer Conrad) and her crusade to repair captive Hollywood big cats’ paws from the devastating results of de-clawing, plus her campaign against the financially-driven standard practice of de-clawing domestic house cats in California. Please … please continue reading

Scientists criticise cat breed standards which promote flat faced cats leading to breathing problems

Flat faced cats and health

We know it and now scientists have confirmed it: snub-nosed cats (heavily shortened muzzles) are vulnerable to breathing problems. Cat purchasers should be very clear on this. Scientists at the University of Edinburgh conducted a questionnaire survey involving 1000 cat … please continue reading

Marion County Code Enforcement Officer fired after 14 cats found dead; hundreds believed shot and killed

A tragic situation is unfolding this week, this time coming out of Marion County, South Carolina where Marion County Code Enforcement Officer Marion Richardson has been accused of multiple counts of animal cruelty. Denise Bitz, Founder and President of Brother … please continue reading

Rat flea confirmed in DNA testing of human skeletons as cause of the 1665 Great Plague of London

Archeologists have uncovered 3,500 skeletons of victims of the Great Plague of London 1665-1666. The skeletons where in a burial site that was discovered when building an underground railway line across London (Crossrail). The bodies had been neatly buried indicating … please continue reading

Unnecessary: testing, vaccinations, surgery, specialist foods and overpriced medications force veterinary bills up

Dog goes to vet

Watch this video to see how unnecessary testing, unnecessary vaccinations, unnecessary surgery, unnecessary specialist foods and overpriced medicines force veterinary bills up. We should not be surprised that veterinarians have a habit of finding ways, which might seem unethical, to … please continue reading

She must be stupid if she believes cutting the speed limit will save her cats from being run over

Cats killed on road

This is a doctor (a GP), Linda Smith, living in the country in England who lives near a main road (Stanghow Road near New Skelton) where cars can legally travel at 60 mph. She has lost four cats in four … please continue reading

Biased veterinarians give one third of spayed cats post-operative pain killers compared to three-quarters of dogs

There is strong evidence that UK veterinarians (it may be the same in other countries) are apparently acting in a biased way in giving cats postoperative pain killers after a spaying operation far less frequently than for dogs. Do vets … please continue reading