“Aggressive Cat” Russian Blue “Kush” To Go Home (update)

You may remember the story of Kush, the Russian blue cat who we are told went berserk and terrified her owners.  To me it appeared like a copycat scenario to the one regarding Lux, another allegedly super aggressive cat who … please continue reading

Anthropomorphising The Domestic Cat

Do we, inadvertently, nearly always anthropomorphise the domestic cat?  I believe that we have difficulty with dissociating the cat as a family member from human family members.  I believe that all too often without realising it people judge cat behaviour … please continue reading

Kendall Jones: Show-off Sport Hunting Teenager

Is Kendall Jones the world’s most insensitive teenager? Perhaps the word “insensitive” is too mild for this woman. She likes to shoot large wild animals including iconic species and post photos of herself with her trophy on Facebook Perhaps she’s … please continue reading