Siamese: The Cat Most Chosen by Film Stars (and celebs)

The Siamese is the most exotic looking domestic cat other than wild cat hybrids. For decades this cat breed has been the natural choice for celebrities and film stars. Here is a list of celebrities and film stars who have … please continue reading

Heart Sticking Animals in Shelters

Heart sticking, also called a “heart shot” and more scientifically, an “intercardiac injection” is a way of killing an animal at a US shelter. I have no idea how commonplace it is. It is probably fairly rare. I hope so … please continue reading

Feral Cat Control: TVHR Better than TNR

TVHR is more effective than TNR, a study concludes. This is an interesting study that looks at a modified version of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to make it more effective. The good thing is that the study takes TNR seriously as a … please continue reading