Shelter kittens euthanised and then their mother who is named posthumously

This is a rushed off short post following on from the previous two posts about Palm Beach Animal Care and Control, a rescue facility. There is internet an discussion about the quality of service provided by this well-funded center. The … please continue reading

Palm Beach Failing their Own Mission Statement?

Elisa Black-Taylor, the Greenville Pets Examiner writes on that Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control (PBCACCA) are euthanising cats that should be adopted and not employing their network of foster carers efficiently. Foster carers who work with PBCACCA … please continue reading

A cat fosterer should not adopt the cat she is fostering

A cat fosterer should have committed to the role before embarking on it and the role is about improving cat welfare generally. My first foster cat has been adopted and I have mixed emotions: sadness at losing him and pride … please continue reading