Cats are Aloof. Discuss

Online newspaper reporters continually state that cats are “aloof”. This is patently incorrect. The reporters don’t have an opinion because they often have no experience of caring for a cat. They unthinkingly recycle what has often been repeated before. If … please continue reading

Cat haters loathe decent women who feed community cats

There is a simmering undercurrent of loathing by cat haters directed at decent ladies who tenderly feed feral and community cats. It erupts into pure hate-filled violence from time to time. This is an example. This little vignette of violence … please continue reading

UK September 1939: Brits Kill 750,000 Companion Animals

An estimated 750,000 largely healthy pets were deliberately killed by the British during September 1939 which was the month during which Germany invaded Poland and Britain declared war on Germany. Nearly all of these companion animals were cats and dogs. … please continue reading