Canine Distemper Can Kill Tigers

Canine distemper is a well known dog virus. It is very contagious and deadly. However, it can be prevented through vaccination. It not only makes dogs very ill; it can also affect wild animals such as ferrets, raccoons, skunks, wolves … please continue reading

Pro Declaws in Denial

Since joining the anti declaw ranks I have been called many things including crazy and had quite a few threats too, but I had never been called a stalker before I commented on a heated debate on a facebook page! … please continue reading

Breaking News: Cats Banned Again from Competing in The Olympic Games

Thursday, February 6 marked the start of the competition held in Sochi at the 22nd Winter Olympics Games. To describe the opening ceremonies on Friday night as spectacular wouldn’t even begin to give them justice. In fact they were mind-blowing. … please continue reading

Tigers as Pets: The Pinnacle of Self-indulgence

There are many declawed and even detoothed tigers as pets. People like to think they are sort of overgrown tabby cats. They just have to have one, in the same way they have to have a new and larger car … please continue reading

Feral Cat “Marvin” Becomes a Domestic Cat

By Dorothy Wandruff (DW) Marvin, has been officially living with me for over a year now. It is his choice, of course. He spent the first ten years of his life as a colony cat turned TNR cat. He made … please continue reading