Trailer park management demands residents kill feral cats

Beginning the first of October we will begin an all out assault on all stray cats…So keep your one pet indoors…LAST WARNING…All residents can help clean up the stray cat problem by leaving a bowl of antifreeze out to poison … please continue reading

The Paw Project-Utah Partners with Rescues to Increase Adoptions

Many shelter cats are less likely to be adopted because they have behavioural problems such as improper urination, hiding and biting due to being declawed. The Paw Project-Utah (PP-U) has recognized that these cats need an assessment of their damaged … please continue reading

Domestic cat is not enjoying 21st century living

The domestic cat is not enjoying modern life. They are too stressed being forced to live close together. The stress makes them ill with cystitis and dermatitis which are on the increase. Unlike dogs, the cat is still halfway between … please continue reading