No-kill cat shelter in Ohio brings happiness to nursing home residents through their Pet Adoptions for Loving Seniors program

This is a feel-good article that comes out of Ohio, where volunteers with a no-kill cat shelter are taking their cats into nursing homes to bring a bit of happiness to the residents. One of the disadvantages to entering a … please continue reading

This Oh So Sad Semi-feral Cat is Given Treatment, TLC and a Home

Like humans, cats have to make the best of the hand that they are dealt with. This boy, like most feral cats, was dealt a tough hand. He survived in a feral cat colony for nine years. He was being … please continue reading

FIV Positive Cat Transforms the Life of Suicidal Woman

From a very gloomy start for both cat and human both now support each other with great mutual benefit. This is a heartwarming story. It tells us that FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) positive cats can lead great and useful lives … please continue reading