When the domestic cat could kill people (19th century)

There was a time before antibiotics when the domestic cat was more dangerous because infected scratches or bites could lead to a serious injury and on rare occasions death.  The first antibiotic was penicillin which was discovered in 1928 in … please continue reading

What precisely is in cat food? We have a right to know.

Should pet food manufacturers be more transparent about their products? Today, the plethora of cat food brands and the variety of flavors marketed for sale makes it much easier for kitty guardians to help our fur-family members from getting bored with … please continue reading

The American Veterinarians Who Lie

I allege that many tens of thousands of American veterinarians regularly lie to their customers about the operation called onychectomy, the scientific term for declawing which is a highly misleading word for the removal of the last phalange of the … please continue reading