Biggest and Baddest Cat Facts For Kids

This is a page on the biggest and baddest cat facts written for children and people who like to read plain English. Biggest Cat The biggest cat is half tiger and half lion. The mother is a tiger and the … please continue reading

My Grandmother’s Cherished Friends

By Leigh My Nonna¹ many years ago, having had a number of eye surgeries had poor vision even with thick glasses. Her cherished companion was a small, very talkative, conure² named ‘Bach’ that she’d had about a year. On the … please continue reading

Cat – Bread – Gun – Grozny

Cat – bread – gun – Grozny is a “rather chilling photo with a cat in it” (Marc). This is, indeed, a chilling photo. It is a great photo that is hidden away on Wikipedia. The photographer is Mikhail Evstafiev … please continue reading

Cat Associations Out Of Step With The Public

The cat associations are out of step with the public in respect of what is the most important cat characteristic. Whereas cat associations prioritize appearance over everything else, the public have informed us in a recent survey, what we probably … please continue reading

Mandy: The Sweetest Cat I’ve Ever Had

By Elisa Black-Taylor Today I’d like to tell all of my friends here about my sweetest cat. MandyLane, or Mandy came to us as part of our first rescue the Friday before Thanksgiving in 2010. I still remember seeing that … please continue reading

Compassion is the First Requirement for a Veterinarian

The feline herpesvirus, which is commonplace, can blind cats. The same can happen to humans. I refer to that infectious agent, briefly below, but first we have to recognise that even the best qualified veterinarian will not be a good … please continue reading