Are animal rights activists mentally ill?

By Elisa Black-Taylor While searching out my next story for PoC, I came across the following “like” page on Facebook. Rather than trying to explain the mentality of this group, I’ll post a few paragraphs here from the actual page. … please continue reading

Do dogs get more publicity than cats?

By Elisa Black-Taylor Does the news media prefer to cover dog stories rather than cat stories? I always thought the media would be unbiased, until many of my rescue friends clued me in that cats get less publicity in times … please continue reading

World’s Hairiest Feline (longest fur)

Ann Marie Avey owns the world’s hairiest cat, Colonel Meow. He lives in Los Angeles, USA. Apparently, “hairiest cat” in this case means the individual cat with the longest fur. Colonel Meow is a Himalayan cat. Himalayans are pointed Persians … please continue reading