Bizarre incident in which a cat sanctuary is broken into and cats are missing and dead

I see this as a bizarre incident. I can’t understand it. The newspapers have described it as a burglary of an animal sanctuary. However, the owners of the sanctuary have started a crowdfunding plea for money on the website … please continue reading

Running a thumb across the teeth of a comb caused this cat to retch. Why?

The internet tells me that certain sounds, in this case the sound you can make when you run your thumb along the teeth of a comb, causes some cats to initiate the gag response or gag reflex. Here is the … please continue reading

Cat Catches Bat and Brings it Into House Causing Fear and Chaos (video)

This “cat catching a bat video”, which you can see below, is amusing. What’s amusing about it is Nick Millerr’s complete panic about the whole thing although I don’t condone or like his attitude towards his cat for bringing in … please continue reading

You Can Never Be Careful Enough When You Have a Cat and a Washing Machine

Lisa Keefe appears to me to be a very good cat guardian/caretaker. She looks after her crossbreed Bengal cat whose name is Bobby. Bobby liked to sleep in the washing machine. Lisa knew it and checked. On this occasion she … please continue reading