Peeping Tom (cat) Pictures

This is a play on words, in pictures. The word “tom”, when used in conjunction with the word “cat” (tomcat), is usually used to describe an unneutered, sexually active male cat. The phrase “peeping tom”  was created after a certain … please continue reading

Oi, you, get off my land!

It is funny (peculiar) that I sometimes moan about funny cat pictures and captions but feel compelled to do it myself ;). One of those peculiar human traits. “Oi”, in case non-Brits are unfamiliar with the word, means “hey”. Facebook … please continue reading

Rescuing and Rehoming an Unsocialised Cat Named Doc

By Leanne – Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary The first time I saw Doc he was ferocious, hissing, spitting, growling. He wanted to kill everything and everyone who got in his way. He wasn’t alone. There were also 21 kittens of … please continue reading