Latest Cat Craze: Call 911 and Say Your Cat Has Gone Berserk

It’s catching on: the new cat craze.  You call the police and tell them that you are locked in your bedroom because your cat has gone berserk and you’re terrified.  Do you remember Lux, the vicious black-and-white Himalayan cat that … please continue reading

How Do I Socialise My Adult Cat?

Intro: Ginny S asked this question in a comment. She starts by describing socialisation. Cats need to be socialised to integrate with people and other animals. If this is missed at the best period of 3-9 weeks of age a … please continue reading

Aransas Pass City Manager getting death threats over new provision to kill strays

A new temporary policy adopted by Arkansas Pass (Texas) City Manager Sylvia Carrillo is drawing a lot of attention, including death threats. KRIS News reported the story on July 8. The policy, which involves Aransas Pass Animal Control, was implemented … please continue reading

Outside Cat: Infected Abscesses on Paws, Head, and Stomach

A cat health question from Brittani Bell who left a comment on the ‘hair loss in cats‘ page. I hope this page helps some visitors but this is only a discussion page. It is not a diagnosis and neither is … please continue reading

Julianne Westberry: Cats from the farm ready to begin a new life

This is the first time since the Julianne Westberry case began on June 18 that I’m able to bring the readers of PoC good news. LOTS of good news. I’m happy to report the cats taken from the farm belonging … please continue reading

Best Disinfectant for Feline Viruses

Thirty-five commonly used disinfectants were tested in a study published on Europe PubMed Central. They were tested for their “virucidal activity” (their capacity to destroy or inactivate viruses) against: feline rhinotracheitis virus (a herpesvirus – FHV). Herpes virus is the … please continue reading