Battering the woman you love and her cat

Sometimes domestic violence is carried out at the same time as violence against a companion animal. They are part of the same event rather than animal abuse preceding abuse against a person. I am sorry that this is a sordid … please continue reading

“Humane” police use injured animals for target practice

Some police officers believe it is the most humane thing you can do, to place an injured animal at the target end of a firing range and to use him/her for target practice. It sounds disgusting and astonishing but that … please continue reading

Colorado Flash Floods Cat Story

This is a little vignette of a cat story to come out of the recent Colorado flash floods. Jon and Deyn Johnson had a holiday cottage business called “Whispering Pines Cottages” in Estes Park, Colorado next to the Big Thompson … please continue reading

Cat Hits Back

I like this video because the cat hits back. I love it when the cat hits back, which is extremely rare if the antagonist is a person. But I hate the video. It is horrible. So often the cat just … please continue reading

Handsome Maine Coon with Rare Coat

This cat photograph is another “Helmi Special”. This is a very handsome male Maine Coon with a super coat. If I allow myself to anthropomorphise cats for a minute it seems that he is wearing formal dress on a night … please continue reading