Cat Behavior Time Lapse Videos

Time lapse videos compress time. When the video is of a cat you can see more clearly some of the nuances of cat behavior. For example, the cat who is supposedly totally inactive (to the casual glance) is not. Cats … please continue reading

Why is it hard to slim an overweight cat?

The answer can be found in our attitude and behavior. The biggest problem is that we can tend to set up a routine of overfeeding. The cat’s owner enjoys feeding their cat because it makes his/her cat happy. People like … please continue reading

Chartreux Cat Facts For Kids

The Chartreux is a breed of cat that is probably best know for three things: A long history going back many hundreds of years; Being almost unchanged over these years (this is what breeders want) and…. Being French. Background and … please continue reading

My cat has skin scabs and no fleas. Please help

This is a cat health problem question posed by a visitor today. It is reproduced verbatim. This is the link to the comment. My cat has skin scabs, have used flea products, sprays powders and carpet treatments. none of which … please continue reading