Your Cat Hospice

The intention of this page is to share a personal experience concerning cat caretaking in the hope that it might help cat owners and cats. We have just been to the veterinary clinic with Cardi, a small female tabby cat. … please continue reading

Headless Cat Picture!

This is a bit of fun, that’s all. It is, obviously, not really a headless cat. Charlie, the black cat (brown cat?) in this picture has three legs. When he is grooming, which he has a habit of doing to … please continue reading

Friendly sibling cats dislike each other after move

This is a strange cat behavior problem and I don’t have a ready made answer. Or any solid answer except some guesses or more questions. The problem has been raised by one of the Catster visitors and we are going … please continue reading

Florida Cat Walked 197 Miles To Get Home

By Elisa Black-Taylor A West Palm Beach, Florida cat has walked 197 miles to get home demonstrating a fantastic homing instinct. This is one of those stories I can never get enough of. It shows the love of a lost … please continue reading