Plagued with Cat Urine Scent? How to Eradicate the Aroma of “Eau-de-chat” Cat Pee

Most of the cat lovers I know living with felines tell me they feel extremely blessed. After all, avid felinophiles delight in watching their cats play together. The creative games cats invent to tickle their fancy can entertain us for … please continue reading

Example: Wrong People Looking After Cats

Here is a live and current example of how, if we are honest, the wrong people can end up looking after domestic cats. Quality of cat care really depends of the quality of the person. Three years ago, a woman … please continue reading

Antibiotic For Cats That Can Cause Nerve Damage

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics for cats can cause nerve damage. This is why there are reports of retina damage in cats who have been given this antibiotic1 (light falling on the retina triggers nerve impulses). Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are a group of antibiotics, … please continue reading