Left-handed people are more likely to like cats. Discuss

Is the percentage of cat lovers (ailurophiles) who are left handed higher than the percentage of left-handed people in the general population? In other words, are left-handed people predisposed to liking cats? This is something that Caroline, a regular visitor … please continue reading

Cat Keeps Vomiting On Two Year Old Child

This is a “cat problem” posted on the Reddit website seeking advice. It has received hundreds of comments in response, all of which are rubbish. Most are just jokes. The remainder recommend punishing the cat. Unfortunately, this is so typical. … please continue reading

Jiah Khan: Actress and Animal Activist

It appears that this beautiful, 25 year old Indian actress, who had it all, committed suicide. I say, “appears” because it is early days. She died at her home in Mumbai, the bustling capital of the burgeoning Indian film industry. … please continue reading