Caboodle Ranch Fights On

This is a short, hopefully, digestible update on the Caboodle Ranch modern day saga. Whether you are for or against Caboodle Ranch, and there are lots of people on both sides, you have to hand it to its founder, Craig … please continue reading

Would You Turn Your Deceased Cat Into Jewelry?

By Elisa Black-Taylor I have a question for all of you today. Would you turn your deceased cat into jewelry? I sent Michael an email last week stating this could easily be the most bizarre story I’ve ever written. I’m … please continue reading

Make Sure Donations to Animal Charities Stay Local

“Make sure donations to animal charities stay local” – wise words? Or put another way, don’t give any more money for the time being to these large animal rights and welfare groups HSUS and ASPCA because your hard earned money … please continue reading

The Politics of Recalling Allegedly Poisonous Pet Food

Although this short post is about dog food the principles apply to any companion animal foods. For a long time there has been vociferous complaints from dog owners about Nestlé Purina dog treats making their dogs seriously ill and in … please continue reading

Front lined and Panacur’d

Selling kittens and cats on Gumtree needs to stop. Have you seen the phrase “front lined and Panacur’d” before? Well, I hadn’t until today when I visited Gumtree, a British website which is a bit like Craigslist in the USA. … please continue reading

Prevention of Human Toxoplasmosis Prezi

This is a carefully produced prezi on the prevention of human toxoplasmosis. A “prezi”, for people unfamiliar with the word, is a modern and more flexible version of the usual presentation using online software. I think it is an ideal … please continue reading