Lenny the Stinky Cat Finally Finds a New Purrmanent Home

Do you remember the story about Lenny, the beautiful tuxedo shorthair cat who was adopted in March from Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions; only to be returned two days later because his adoptive “pawrents” couldn’t stand his constant stinky flatulence? Lenny was … please continue reading

Latest Cat Attack: Three Family Members In Hospital

Another cat has attacked it’s owner, this time in the Roseville, California area. This time the owner’s decided to remain anonymous. Here’s a video describing what happened. Three family members had to be rescued after the family of a year-and-a-half … please continue reading

Pet Poison Control Hotline Will Cost you $35-$65 for the Call

I am not kidding you. Animal Poison Control Hotlines charge money just for information, a lot of money and it’s sad. Ok, now I understand it cost money to run these things but we are talking about information that people … please continue reading