Americans Prefer Dogs to Cats?

Americans much prefer dogs to cats according to what seems to be a professional run poll, yet there are more domestic cats than dogs in the US. There are an estimated 83.3 million dogs and 95.6 million cats1. The difference … please continue reading

Churchill and Roosevelt Loved Cats. Hitler and Napoleon Hated Them.

The title is a sentence from Tom Cox’s book “The Good The Bad and The Furry“.  Tom Cox likes cats and lives with cats. He also writes in his book: ..people who hated cats were often control freaks who think … please continue reading

Do cats like certain people because of their body scent?

Whether a cat likes or dislikes a person is partly based on the person’s scent (body odour). I have had this idea for some time. I have no science to back it up because there is none. We know how … please continue reading

I want to help cats. How do I do it?

I am sat here typing this and I have little idea about how to answer the question that I have posed in the title. Well, actually, I have one or two ideas but I can’t just look up a directory … please continue reading

Some Outdoor Cat Facts

Here are some interesting cat facts relating to letting cats go outside or keeping them in. Traditionally, in the US, the preference was to let cats go outside. That has changed. In the UK the preference to let cats out … please continue reading