16th century rocket cat used in warfare

A 16th century artillery master who worked for German princes and fought against the armies of the Ottoman Empire, Franz Helm, advised readers of a Heidelberg University manuscript who wanted to capture an enemy’s castle to “obtain a cat from … please continue reading

Since cats hide pain how do you know when they are hurting?

Wild cats are masterful in hiding their pain. This instinctual technique is one of their strongest survival tactics. And because our domestic kitties are so closely related to their wild cousins, they too have adopted exactly the same tactic to … please continue reading

Veterinarian: “Would you like fries with that, sir?

Some veterinarians, pressured by the need to meet overheads and their substantial salary (which of course they deserve), either willingly or because they feel they have to, do the kind of selling in their clinics that is pretty much an … please continue reading