Cute kitten pictures make you work better

If you want to work in a more focused and therefore more productive manner, look at some cute kitten pictures beforehand. Cuteness creates a more positive mentality, which in turn allows the mind to become more focused. That seems to … please continue reading

Norwegian Forest Cat Facts For Kids

The beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the most popular cat breeds.  As the name suggests this sturdy cat comes from Norway. Some people call this breed a “Wegie” and another name is “Skogkatt”. The ancient stories of the … please continue reading

Valentine’s Day Card for Cat Lovers

This is a hand-made, custom Valentine’s Day card for cat lovers. It is just something that kept me amused for an hour or so. Rarely, some cats have heart-shaped fur patterns. They are ideal for a Valentine Cat card. It … please continue reading

Bengal Cat – Maine Coon Mix

You’ll enjoy this excellent photograph of two sibling Maine Coon/Bengal Cat mix cats. When I first saw them, I thought they could be Bengal cat twins. They really do look very alike. And they look far more like Bengal cats … please continue reading

Look To Cat Owners to Fix the Feral Cat Problem

The authorities and scientists in some countries (USA and Australia, for example) are concerned that feral, stray and domestic cats prey on native wildlife to the point where species are endangered. Other countries, such as Israel and the UK, have … please continue reading

Eclectic Mix of Cat Pix and Probs

I thought, for once, I’d mix cat pix and probs to use the sort of language people like on the Internet. So, here are ten cat behavior and health questions with quick answers. These are pretty typical. I find that … please continue reading