President Jacob Zuma Wrong About Pets

I would like to delicately wade into the “Zuma pets” debate. I am sure you have read that the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has said that black Africans should not keep pets, specifically dogs as they are part … please continue reading

Cat meows loudly at night and other questions

I’ll respond to the question in the title and four others. 1. Why does my cat meow loudly twice at night? This is another typical question from a cat owner. The fact that a cat meows “twice” is irrelevant really. … please continue reading

Elisa’s Top 10 Cat Articles For 2012

By Elisa Black-Taylor In this article, I’d like to reflect back on what I consider my most important stories for 2012. I have summarized the stories and added a link at the end. These are the articles that meant the … please continue reading

Cats With Learning Difficulties

My personal experiences inform me that there are cats with learning difficulties. It is to be expected. “Learning difficulties” is a nice term. Another is “educationally disadvantaged”. In the old days people used to use the cruder term “educationally subnormal” … please continue reading