Video of Beautiful Dark Oriental Shorthair

In this video, the Flicks are seen photographing a beautiful, slender show cat with a gorgeously dark and unusual coat. The Flicks work as a team. Helmi carries the camera, Ken does the rest, including, importantly, the lighting and set … please continue reading

Cat Colony Wars New Zealand

There is a battle ragging out there on the Internet and also on the ground between these parties: Cat lovers and people who care about treating community cats decently including the local SPCA; Cat haters or people who dislike cats … please continue reading

My Grandmother’s Cherished Friends

By Leigh My Nonna¹ many years ago, having had a number of eye surgeries had poor vision even with thick glasses. Her cherished companion was a small, very talkative, conure² named ‘Bach’ that she’d had about a year. On the … please continue reading