Poor TNR (trap-neuter-return) is worse than no TNR

So, poor TNR is worse than no TNR. Right? Put it another way – as a Catster writer effectively did – euthanasia of stray and feral cats is better than feeding them and people who feed stray and feral cats … please continue reading

We like pets that look like babies

We tend to like pets that look like babies and some breed standards go for that look: round heads and big eyes. Do all breeders understand the consequences of their actions? I am not against dog and cat breeders. I … please continue reading

Can you fall out of love with your cat?

You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling with your cat. It’s worse. You dislike your cat. It’s actually worse than that; you wish your cat was dead. She’s become old and ill. There’s the vet’s bill. It can get expensive looking after … please continue reading