Cat Hits Back

I like this video because the cat hits back. I love it when the cat hits back, which is extremely rare if the antagonist is a person. But I hate the video. It is horrible. So often the cat just … please continue reading

Handsome Maine Coon with Rare Coat

This cat photograph is another “Helmi Special”. This is a very handsome male Maine Coon with a super coat. If I allow myself to anthropomorphise cats for a minute it seems that he is wearing formal dress on a night … please continue reading

Pretty Cat Amongst Ugly Human Behavior

Marc found this webpage showing these pictures. I took a screenshot. It just tells a story about the ugliness of the human’s behavior set against the innocence of the cat. Quite a contrast. It does seem to sum up the … please continue reading

Did the man who shot a cat in Florida commit a crime?

Yes he did. I am referring to the recent article I wrote describing the shooting of a community cat in broad daylight. A man shot the cat twice. The second time he finished the cat off by a shot to … please continue reading