Missing Seal Point Siamese Cat, Fayetteville, NC

PLEASE HELP! My daughter’s Siamese cat got out some how last night in the Grays creek/Aspen creek area (of Fayetteville, North Carolina). He is a chocolate seal very sweet and loving cat. Is use to dogs and is very vocal … please continue reading

Long-range Cat Sounds (vocalisations)

Some cat species have known long range vocalizations. The ones we know well are the roars of the roaring cats: lion, tiger, jaguar and leopard. I’ll start with those. Tiger This is what I wrote years ago about the tiger … please continue reading

Cat Rescue: The metaphor of a revolving door

Despite the best efforts of everyone concerned, little Elizabeth tragically died as a result of her burns. So sad. Her death opened a door for Liza. Liza has had her share of abuse or neglect. She is the survivor of … please continue reading

Carpenter finds solution for ill cat and ill person

A good carpenter can occasionally solve some cat and caretaker problems. Here are two positive cat stories of the spirit triumphing over disability aided by a bit of nice carpentry. Lyme disease is nasty. There is a story in the … please continue reading