Wrong Leadership At RSPCA

The RSPCA relies on donations from the animal loving public. What sort of RSPCA do they want? I am sure they want an organisation that has a direct involvement in animal welfare, which means a hands-on operation that saves the … please continue reading

Long Faced Cats

Here’s a large collage of some long faced cats for aficionados of this sort of cat anatomy. The long faced cat is a development of the modern Siamese cat, and other cats that were subsequently created from that breed, such as … please continue reading

Bittering Agents Saving The Lives of Cats?

The bosses of Halfords, in the United Kingdom, deserve a pat of the back for voluntarily deciding to add a bittering agent (sometimes called a “bitterant”) to their antifreeze. They also add a bitterant called “Bitrex”® to their screen wash. … please continue reading

Vets Make Billions From Declawing Cats

Veterinarians in the USA make at least $2.16 billion ($2,160,000,000) in total from cat declawing. See Declawing Myths and Truths It is important to recognise that declawing cats is big business. It is a important part of a veterinarian’s operation. … please continue reading