The Paw Project Movie – A Top Transformational Film

The Paw Project Movie has come fifth in the Awareness Guide Top Transformational Films of 2013 Viewer’s Choice. The top ten are as follows: The Ghosts in Our Machine and Take Back Your Power (tied first) Blackfish GMO OMG The … please continue reading

Fancy Feline Haircuts

Uhmm, we had painted cats. We have lion cuts. Now we have something between the two: fancy feline haircuts. My first thought was: are these genuine? Are they another example of clever Photoshop editing? Years ago, for a while, people … please continue reading

Difference between false cat aggression and real aggression

There is a difference between cats playing with people and grabbing their finger with their claws or biting their hand or whatever and genuine aggression towards a person. In play, there can be apparent aggression towards a person, usually the … please continue reading

“Cat Talk” – communication via intimacy and familiarity

“Cat Talk” or “Cat Speak” is a form of communication arising out of an intimate and close relationship. All of us, who have travelled to foreign countries, without foreign language skills, know that it is possible to manage; to get … please continue reading

USA: How people make choices when adapting shelter cats (and why they give them back)

This page contains information on how rescue cat adopters make their choices when selecting a cat and briefly looks at why they give them back. The cat most likely to be adopted at a United States shelter is a white, … please continue reading