Are Cat Lovers Creative People?

What makes me ask this question is that I have noticed many of the people who come to PoC have creative and artistic natures. For example take our worthy leader Michael. He created this wonderful web site, he writes deep … please continue reading

American Mobile Veterinarians Need More Freedom to Practice Fully

The stringent regulatory regulations contained in the Controlled Substances Act ties the hands of veterinarians in the United States today from legally administering medications that alleviate the pain and suffering of animals who are terminally ill, those with serious injuries … please continue reading

Scandalous Situation Regarding Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

There is a cat health crisis and it is chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD means an irreversible, long term disease of the cat’s kidneys that leads to death, eventually. Treatment slows the process. Here are some quotes: Studies suggest that … please continue reading

“Marguerite” – sand cat x domestic cat, wild cat hybrid

This is a wild cat hybrid and a new cat breed called the “Marguerite”. It is a sand cat crossed with a domestic cat. The domestic cat, in this instance, is a female ticked tabby. The pictures show two young, … please continue reading