Detroit Mystery Cat: Serval Hybrid

The Detroit mystery cat that is frightening the people living in one of its suburbs is either a serval (there are some serval characteristics) or a first generation serval hybrid: a Savannah cat. The mystery cat’s description neither fits the … please continue reading

What I know about Charlie, my cat

Charlie is a 17 pound three-legged black cat. He has character, a Siamese-like face and his voice has a lot of the characteristics of the voice of Siamese cat. He is definitely not Siamese. He just has some Siamese in … please continue reading

Chester Snuggles up to George

Thanks to Marion and Ruth we have this new picture of Chester with his friend George (uploaded to a comment by Ruth). Not only is it an excellent photograph, it is also an uplifting story of cat rescue. The photo … please continue reading

From Cat Hiss To Purr. From Defensive to Relaxed

“Rehabilitating” an aggressively defensive, hissy cat is common sense. All of us, who love cats, automatically know how to do it. You just love him or her, treat him gently and provide a calm and quiet home plus some good … please continue reading