Cats Home Alone

We should be aware of what our cat gets up to when alone at home. The video below is a tough one to watch. There is no violence, just nothing but transparent loneliness and obvious separation anxiety. Heartbreaking. I was … please continue reading

Kays Hill Torties Past And Present

After we all here on PoC enjoyed seeing Kays Hill ginger cats and then black cats and sharing photos of our own and others we know, Leanne has sent the photos of these beautiful tortoiseshell cats and kittens for us … please continue reading

Catnapper Receives Light Sentence After Allegedly Mutilating Cats

By Elisa Black-Taylor A Mesa, Arizona serial catnapper (cat thief) was sentenced August 14 for catnapping a cat named Biscuit, although he admitted to Judge Lue Sang he’d catnapped between 30-40 cats in his neighborhood. Andrew Scott Graham received a … please continue reading

UK: High Wycombe Feral Cat Colonies

View Larger Map With the “kitten season” comes the prospect of unwanted cats, which are then dumped. This inevitably leads to stray and, in this case, feral cat colonies in the High Wycombe area, which themselves grow in number. We … please continue reading

In Memory of Mischief

Introduction by Michael This page is in memory of Mischief. A visitor to the site, Claire Louise Harpham, recently made a comment about her cat Mischief. This is the comment…. Sadly yesterday our beloved cat Mischief passed away in my … please continue reading