Cat Body Language Video

This is a cat body language video from Cats Protection in the UK. I think they made it because a survey for Cats Protection found that 32% of cat owners risked being scratched because they did not understand their cat’s … please continue reading

Chester: A Cat Rescued and Recovering

There is only one word for the 5 youths who immersed a 6 week old kitten in a drum of motor oil EVIL According to our local newspaper report they are around 14 years of age. What a very frightening … please continue reading

Do Domestic Cats Chew Food Enough?

The modern domestic cat no longer needs to chew food and therefore doesn’t. Is that correct? If it is correct, is it a bad thing? Or is it a natural thing that domestic cats don’t chew food? Do wild cats … please continue reading

Kitten killed while people eat at Cyprus restaurant

The title is correct. A kitten jumped onto a table at the Aglantzia taverna in Nicosia, South Cyprus, the Greek governed part of the country. The table was unoccupied and was close to another table where customers were sitting eating … please continue reading

He won’t let me keep my cat

Any man who dictates to his woman, wife or girlfriend, that she can’t keep her cat is behaving extremely badly and foolishly. There may, on rare occasions, be a valid reason for his demand but I am writing about the … please continue reading

Cats at shelters because of criminal domestic violence

Criminal domestic violence most likely plays a big part in the number of pets turned into shelters in South Carolina (SC), where I live. When Michael did the article Domestic Arguments Make Cats Anxious, I knew I had to do … please continue reading