Instagram: photo-sharing to animal-selling

Instagram is meant to be a website where people share photos with ease. It is an extension of Facebook where you share words (and photos). Coming, as I have, from a different generation to modern man but still being relatively … please continue reading

Audio: Listen to me explain the medical reasons for Grumpy Cat’s face

Please click on the audio player immediately below (click the little triangle at the left of the bar below these words) and listen to my explanation for why Grumpy Cat – aka Tardar Sauce – has the facial expression that … please continue reading

Do black pumas (cougars) exist?

Black pumas are melanistic pumas (aka: cougars, mountain lions). They are also called black panthers. Melanistic leopards and jaguars are also called black panthers. Jordan Carlton Schaul of the University of Alaska says that black jaguarundis are also referred to … please continue reading

Selling Healthier Cats. Promoting Cat Welfare.

This is about a way to get people who sell cats to be more responsible and more concerned about cat welfare. People who sell cats are usually hobby breeders (selling purebred, pedigree cats from home) and pet shop owners who … please continue reading

Cats Home Alone

We should be aware of what our cat gets up to when alone at home. The video below is a tough one to watch. There is no violence, just nothing but transparent loneliness and obvious separation anxiety. Heartbreaking. I was … please continue reading

Kays Hill Torties Past And Present

After we all here on PoC enjoyed seeing Kays Hill ginger cats and then black cats and sharing photos of our own and others we know, Leanne has sent the photos of these beautiful tortoiseshell cats and kittens for us … please continue reading