Echo and Syah, Afghani Rescue Cats

Echo and Syah are two Afghani rescue cats. They were rescued by Nowzad, founded by Royal Marine Sergeant ‘Pen’ Farthing. Since the first day he was involved in animal rescue in Afghanistan, Nowzad has flourished. There has been a lot … please continue reading


By Ruth aka Kattaddorra Following my earlier article: The Santa Paws Foundation…I was wondering how everyone is getting on with filling their boxes. Babz and I have just realised with a shock how close Christmas is now and although we … please continue reading

Bimetallic Cats

The description bimetallic cats refers to a unique coat coloration. Bimetallic cats are flesh and blood not metal. The term currently relates mainly to Siberian cats, which are a pedigree cat that looks like a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest … please continue reading

Immune systems of cats weakened by Cesarean births?

Is it possible that Cesarean births of kittens are responsible for immune related and undefined health problems in pedigree, purebred cats (and less often, in random bred cats)? Apparently, Persian cats are prone to difficulties giving birth and C-sections are … please continue reading