My cat is shaking her head. Why?

This page lists the causes of cat head shaking. Cardi, a cat with terminal cancer I am looking after for a very old lady who is in hospital, is shaking her head from time to time (she is also called … please continue reading

Dangers of Catnip: Fun or Facts?

This is a very well produced spoof video about the effects of catnip on cats and an anti-drug film parody. The video can be seen on YouTube where you will also see some comments. It is one of the films … please continue reading

Maine Coon Ziggy Pictures

Ziggy is a gorgeous brown tabby Maine Coon. Solid stature. Big presence. You name it, he has it. I thought I’d upload a half dozen pictures of him by Helmi Flick against different colored backgrounds and in different poses. It … please continue reading

Cat Meat Shipment Picture

This picture is protected by copyright but for educational purposes I am publishing it here under fair use because as many people as possible should see it and be involved in trying to put an end to the cat meat … please continue reading