Afghan Cat Renews Soldier’s Lost Faith and Hope

This is one of those tender, straightforward, soldier stories that reminds me how beneficial the domestic cat is to many millions of people. Perhaps we forget it sometimes. This photo was on Pinterest and embedded here but has been removed … please continue reading

Branch of U.S. Department of Agriculture Illegally Killing Pets

By Elisa Black-Taylor According to Fox news¹ hundreds of family pets have been killed over the past decade by a little-known program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The name goes by Wildlife Services, which has a Predator Control division that … please continue reading

Beware of Cat Haters in Influential Positions

By advocating that people should beware of cat haters in influential positions, I am saying that some people, who happen to hate cats, have a platform and have some influence through which they are able to damage the image of … please continue reading

Marcus Won’t Use A Litter Tray in New Home

Hi, I received an email from Leanne of Kays Hill Animal Sanctaury. She wrote about Marcus, a lovely, solid, black and white, male rescue cat who looked after Gerty, another rescue cat at the sanctuary, for a while. Here is … please continue reading