Cats With Learning Difficulties

My personal experiences inform me that there are cats with learning difficulties. It is to be expected. “Learning difficulties” is a nice term. Another is “educationally disadvantaged”. In the old days people used to use the cruder term “educationally subnormal” … please continue reading

Why does my cat sulk when I scold her?

This is not an unusual question from cat owners. This might be the scenario in full: My cat Annie, jumped up on the kitchen counter. I shouted at her “No”, she turned and looked at me and then I pushed … please continue reading

Litter Box Intimidation. Help Please

This is today’s cat behavior problem. It is quite a tricky one: Miss A has two cats: Freddie and Freda – one male and one female. They have been with each other since birth and are 5 years old (amended … please continue reading