The Demanding and Noisy Cat

Does your cat make incessant, meowing demands for food or something else that you find irritating? Bengal cats have a demanding sort of meow that is similar to the Siamese meow. It is general accepted that Bengal cats can be … please continue reading

Theft of the Turkish Angora Cat Breed

The distinguished and important cat breed, the Turkish Angora, has been hijacked not once but twice. While the real Turkish Angora resides in Turkey the American cat fancy has created a new cat and given it the name “Turkish Angora”. … please continue reading

Killing Cats: The Open Faucet (Tap)

There is a double whammy effect when a country has a policy of killing unwanted cats. If the cats killed are feral cats – and almost all trapped feral cats are killed – other feral cats move into the space … please continue reading