The cat video is more interesting than the Syrian war

Cats can be the innocent victims of human folly as is shown in this video about the Syrian war. This is a great video. A calico cat, probably a community cat, is featured in the video at 7:24 minutes and 12:50 … please continue reading

Pet “Euthanasia of Convenience”

Introduction “Euthanasia of convenience” is a quote from an English animal behaviour expert2 who was referring to two dogs that are in the news today (19th Sept 2013). They are Brus and Blade. They were the RAF dogs that guarded … please continue reading

Battering the woman you love and her cat

Sometimes domestic violence is carried out at the same time as violence against a companion animal. They are part of the same event rather than animal abuse preceding abuse against a person. I am sorry that this is a sordid … please continue reading

“Humane” police use injured animals for target practice

Some police officers believe it is the most humane thing you can do, to place an injured animal at the target end of a firing range and to use him/her for target practice. It sounds disgusting and astonishing but that … please continue reading