Cost of Spaying and Neutering a Cat

How important is the cost of spaying and neutering a cat in tackling the so called “cat overpopulation problem” or the “feral cat problem” or the excess of community cats in the United States and in other countries? I ask … please continue reading

British Shorthair Picture Gallery

This is a careful selection of ten photographs in a British Shorthair picture gallery. I have tried to avoid all the pictures of the British Shorthair that are already published on PoC (except for the Russian cat). I have selected … please continue reading

Maine Coon Picture Gallery

A Maine Coon picture gallery of Helmi Flick photographs. Please note that PoC works in collaboration with Helmi. The photos are published here with her permission. They are protected by copyright. This batch of 19 photographs are ones that are … please continue reading